1. Just a quick note to say how compelling and awful — and beautifully written — your piece in the NYT was. I’m so sorry you and your wife went through such a horrible circumstance.

  2. Thank you for your feature essay “The Accusations Were Lies. But Could We Prove It?” published in the NYT yesterday. I was deeply moved by your story and inspired by the clarity and honesty of your writing. So I just ordered your book MINE from Amazon. Love that you are a translator too. I translate Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Do you ever attend ALTA? Would be great to meet you there if you do. Peace.

  3. Hi. I just read / listened to your NYTimes magazine piece which could be part of a syllabus for a Creative Non Fiction semester but instead is a memoir of your recent life. Such a horrible story but I applaud both your honesty in expressing the doubt about Marta and the decision to take a higher path. By not pursuing further legal action you’ve placed “J.”‘s future in the realm of his own self destructive tendencies. I doubt he will be able to live with his guilt.

  4. Just read your article in the NYT. I hope the whole process brings you some sort of peace in the end. I am sorry that you had to go through that journey with your life partner and children. Thanks for sharing your story. You continue to be a terrific writer. God bless you and your family.

  5. Just read your feature in NYT “The Accusations were lies….” and felt compelled to find out more about you guys and write a few words. May the almighty save us all from people like J who know the system well enough to abuse it and prevent their victims from using it. It is people like J who make the system difficult for real complainants and provide an excuse to real perpetrators to complain of witch-hunting.

  6. I just read your piece in NYT Magazine. I’m so sorry for what you and your family went through.

  7. Just heard the Daily NYT podcast of your moving story. Thank you. Peace to you & your sweet family.

  8. I heard your story on today’s episode of the Daily. I was angry that your family did not get real justice and that you did not go to Michigan in the end (I understand the pain of being stuck in a city that feels like the wrong fit). I hope your family has found peace. I’m also planning to order your essay collection; your writing is beautiful. Best wishes.

  9. I just read your beautifully written story. So sorry this happened to you. Just wondering, after his horrible manipulations did “J” get the job in Michigan? I’m hoping NO!

  10. I heard your story in yesterday’s edition of The Sunday Read by The Daily. I am so sorry and was horrified by what you and your wife had to go through. I know the academic job market is a battlefield, but I never thought people would go to these lengths. It also gave me a new perspective on sexual misconduct cases and made me question my preconceived belief in the guilt of the accused. All the best for you and your family.

  11. I’ve just listened to your story via The Daily NYT podcast. I feel so relieved that you were all able to have peace in your lives again.
    Wishing you & your family many years of happiness, love & laughter.

    Rhiannon Holt

  12. I just read both of your NYT articles about academia and honesty. I’m sorry you both had to face the harassment you did, but so compellingly written–like a dark mystery novel. You also explain academia so well to academics (which I am) and nonacademics alike.

  13. I loved your podcast on Pineapple where I came to learn about your story. A few thoughts: 1. You have a knack and a voice for podcasting and should keep going. 2. Its sobering that people like J exist, guiltless and narcissistic (my guess), and a useful lesson to all. Yet, we can’t go through life suspecting everyone, and despite how difficult it is – have to put it behind. 3. Have you heard the podcast strictly stalking? Many J like characters there – torturing others with impunity.

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